Academy Profile

At Don Valley Academy we believe that our core purpose is to prepare young people to enter a fast moving and rapidly changing environment. To prepare them for such a challenge we work to develop their skills, knowledge and resilience which in turn will enable them to achieve the highest possible qualifications. 

Don Valley Academy works with the students to ensure that they learn in a happy and caring environment. Whilst there is a strong emphasis on academic achievement all students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities outside the classroom.  The Mission of the Academy is ‘Raising Expectations for All’ and we will challenge and motivate the students to ensure that they reach their full potential. 

It is essential for our success to maintain high standards at all times and this is only possible with collaboration between staff, parents, and students.  Our challenge is to provide the global education that gives our students the tools necessary to compete in the world market and by working together we can do this. 

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting and working with you to ensure your child receives the best possible chance of achieving their full potential.

Academy Ethos

Don Valley is a rapidly improving academy that has received a number of national and local accolades recently: Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, congratulated the school on being in the top 100 most improved schools in 2011 and the Doncaster Free Press presented the 2011 Best School Award to the Principal as part of the Best in Education Awards.

Our achievements are based on the pride we take in the successes of all our students so that every young person can have their life chances enhanced and developed. Academic achievements are very important to us but we never lose sight of the fact that every child is gifted and talented in some way and that it is our core purpose to develop those talents. We are an inclusive school where every student matters.

Our expectations are high and we expect all members of our academy community to show respect, care and courtesy at all times. We promote positive values at every opportunity and always seek to establish effective working partnerships with our students and their families.