Performing Arts Across the Academy

Performing Arts at Don Valley Academy works in partnership with other curriculum areas across the school to develop some exciting learning opportunities for our students. Here are some of the interesting projects we have developed or been part of in the past:

Blah, Blah, Blah Theatre Company

Don Valley were proud to welcome back the Blah, Blah, Blah theatre company who specialise in making theatre for and with children and young)people.

They performed ‘Hide and Seek’ in our Upper School Hall, to a group of Y8 students and some of our most gifted students from the Primaries. The Gunpowder Plot themed participatory performance enabled students to experience and explore the story of Guy Fawkes and the notorious plotters of 1605. As well as being a member of the audience, our students were also asked to work in groups to perform part of the story. Feedback suggests that students enjoyed the moments where they were asked to be active and to perform.

Murder Mystery

A collaboration between the Drama, Hospitality and Catering department. School staff and visitors from the community attended the sold out event!

Year 12 & 13 Drama and Theatre studies students)prepared a mysterious performance based on a true)story, whilst Year 11 Hospitality & Catering students)prepared a delicious buffet which was served as small performances took place amongst the guests. Later, it was revealed that a murderer was among us! The guests were asked to give evidence as to whom they thought may be responsible.

Year 8 Creative Learning

The aim of a Creative Learning Day is to remove traditional barriers between established departments in order to encourage a truly creative learning experience. This year’s events have included “The theft of the Mona Lisa”, “Olympic Opening Ceremony”, “Show Racism the Red Card”, “India Day”. Staff provide experiences that students really enjoy, can practice their Don Valley Learner Skills and gives them increased motivation to learn at school.

Refugee Workshops – Skills for Learning

Year 7 took part in an afternoon of activities exploring the experiences of a young immigrant, a drama workshop helped them to understand what challenges an immigrant may face and how they can overcome these.

Buddhism G&T Workshop – RE

The Specialism has collaborated with the RE department to use drama to explore Buddhism and the story of Siddatha.

These lessons were delivered to all of year 8 but a selection of students also did an additional drama workshop to extend their understanding and knowledge. This was a very successful project as the two subject areas complement each other well.

Business Sale Skills Workshops

Year 10 Business Studies students developed the confidence and sales skills in preparation for an assessment. The workshops helped the students build their confidence in using eye contact, open body language and the all important sales skills in order to sell a mobile phone.