Year 7 and Year 8
Look up ideas and artists / designers who have worked on the projects you are presently studying. Make notes, collect visuals, try out ideas – practice skills.

Year 9
As above. In addition produce artist research pages and study sheets explaining and developing your ideas.
You will use these in class to produce your final coursework outcomes. All work produced is part of your GCSE course. Homework is vital to your final grade.

Year 10 and Year 11
As above for Year 9. In addition produce quality study sheets for your chosen examination question. You should aim at 8 to 10 top quality pieces. Each week your teacher will advise you what requires to be done next. You are expected to work to strict deadlines to ensure your success.

Post 16
You will continue to work on your own individual theme to generate a full portfolio meeting all the Assessment Objectives required.