Design Technology

Accommodation & resources

The design technology department consists of 5 specialist rooms to enable the delivery of a range of topics.  There are 2 workshops which are equipped with a range of machinery to enable manufacturing in wood, metal and plastics.  There is a specialist electronics workshop which also houses a range of different CAD CAM machines.  The graphics room features an interactive whiteboard and individual drawing boards, as well as 11 computers.  The main computer suite is furnished with a full class set of computers as well as a black and white and a colour printer, to allow the delivery of CAD.  All these facilities are housed in one block which is shared with Food Technology and Health & Social care in the upper school area of the school.

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The pupils have two lessons of 1 hour each week, the majority of which are taught as double lessons.  Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups of about 21.  Pupils will spend half the year in Design Technology and half the year in Food.  During their time in the department pupils will experience a range of materials and processes, completing individual design and make assignments.  Projects range from three to six weeks and give pupils the opportunity to build on and develop skills in different areas, such as CAD CAM and resistant material manufacturing.


Students are given the opportunity to study the EDEXCEL BTEC in Engineering which is equivalent to one GCSE grade A*-C.

Students have 3 lessons per week, which are split into one 2 hour session and one single 1 hour lesson.  During this time they complete a range of practical tasks to develop skills and knowledge of Engineering machinery and processes.

The department has a very successful record of achievement with the course and the majority of students gain at least a pass (C grade).

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Students can choose to study an EDEXCEL BTEC Level 3 course in Engineering.  They are required to complete several practical tasks to further develop skills and knowledge of Engineering machinery and processes.  Students will also learn new skills, such as welding, metal folding, fabrication, electroplating and some electronics.

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The Design Technology team consists of one full time teacher, one part time and two part time technicians.  All staff are responsible for the delivery of all projects to the pupils and for the development of new projects and schemes of work.