Don Valley Academy Staff CPD


Don Valley Academy is a vibrant professional learning community, placing a high priority on professional learning and training. The Academy successfully gained ‘gold’ CPD charter mark in June 2011. The headlines of the report said that CPD practice at the academy is outstanding in most areas and was ‘inclusive of all staff at the academy, bespoke to meet individual training requirements, was innovative, well- resourced and evaluated for impact’.

Professional learning at Don Valley comes in many forms. There is whole academy training calendared regularly throughout the year, the training provided is bespoke to the needs of staff and the ADP. Action research trios have been working collaboratively on the development of Learning Dialogue to support the whole school appraisal target in this area.  The school has vibrant working groups, such as the Learning and Teaching group and the Literacy group, which staff join voluntarily, and Middle Leaders are encouraged to plan in-house training for both departmental and staff development.