Food Technology

Food Technology

Food Technology is taught throughout KS3, as a department we aim to teach the students how to produce food, starting from the very basics right through to understanding the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and making the right food choices. The subject also hopes to enable the students to take ownership of their learning and take pride in the final outcome.

In Year 8 students start the year with a huge focus on healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices, we aim to link this very closely to current issues. The students are taught how to make food products healthier by changing high fat and sugar ingredients. This all links in well to the topics delivered at KS4 if they choose to take it further.

OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition

KS4 students will study GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. This will teach students about all aspect of nutrition, Food choice, Cooking and preparation, and practical skills. The course covers many different areas, Art and Design, Visual presentation skills, organisational skills, Biology, Chemistry and not forgetting chopping, Filleting and emulsifying.

There is a written exam which is worth 50% and two pieces of practical coursework which in total is worth 50%.