ICT & Computing

Years 7 & 8 - Computing

Homework is set in Computing for each topic taught at KS3. This may involve planning activities, research tasks or other written activities such as question and answer or evaluations. All homework is to be done on paper and isn’t to be done in student’s books. We allow the use of computers and if there is a problem printing this it can be printed at school. We hope to encourage creativity as well as understanding of the world of computing so there is a freedom to present their work in different ways.

 Years 9 & 10 ICT

Currently no homework is set for CiDA as this work is done in class time. After school sessions are set where by students can attend enrichment clubs to build the skills they need to complete the course.

 Year 11 ICT

Revision homework is set for students to complete. All students have a revision textbook and a revision workbook and should complete tasks in this at any time. Other direct homework will be recorded in planners and includes revision based questions.