Principal's Message

We are now rapidly approaching the end of another Academy year and the most important time for our Year 11 students as they enter into their GCSE examinations. All Year 11 students are actively involved in revision sessions and we are working hard to support every student to ensure they are well prepared for their examinations. At the end of all their hard work, Year 11 students can look forward to their annual celebration at the Year 11 Prom. We are incredibly proud of our students and wish them every success for their futures.

As we approach the final half term, there is much to look forward to as we plan for students who are in our primary schools to visit on their Transition Days on 4th and 5th July. This is a very exciting time for everyone as they prepare to join Don Valley and we have an exciting two days planned for them.

Year 8 students are looking forward to ‘Graduation Day’ which takes place on 5th July, and students from Years 7 and 8 prepare for their residential visit to Kingswood Activity Centre on Friday 22nd June. A group of students will be attending the ‘Big Bang Fair’ at Doncaster Racecourse. This event where students can experience a variety of science based activities designed to challenge their thinking and stimulate their interest. This is a great opportunity for our students and this is a testament and reward for the level of commitment shown to their science education.

Year 10 students will have a wonderful opportunity to watch a performance of Romeo and Juliet on Wednesday 4th July, at a pop-up theatre run in connection with Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The Academy has managed to secure 50 free tickets through a bursary scheme which the company offer; an amazing opportunity for all those involved.

May I take this opportunity to thank our parents/carers, students and staff for their commitment and hard work during this academic year.

Richard Brooke