The Psychology Department aims to provide a lively and supportive environment so that students can effectively learn new and challenging information about topics such as social influence, obedience, memory, childhood attachments, anxiety disorders and forensic psychology. Discussion and debate are encouraged in order to complement teacher-led sessions so that students can develop important skills for university.

Psychology is defiantly a subject for curious, inquisitive people. If you have ever asked yourself ‘why did I do that’ or ‘why did he/she do that’ or even ‘why do killers kill’?, then psychology is the subject for you. In psychology we delve into social issues and then find possible explanations.

Psychologists look to study the human mind and behaviour, but obviously we cannot see someone’s mind, we cannot see what they are thinking or what they are dreaming. Psychologists use a scientific approach to make predictions and to test them using experiments or investigations.

We study the AQA B specification so that students of all levels of ability can achieve an understanding of Psychology. It is intended that Psychology students will leave with an enduring interest in Psychology and an understanding of how its principles can be applied in the real world.

Psychology combines very well with either science or arts subjects. Skills learnt in research methods and report writing are applicable to other science subjects and essay writing skills learnt are relevant to many subjects. Psychological knowledge covered is relevant for other A-Levels such as biology, sociology, law, media, communication studies, business studies and sports studies. Psychology is useful for any career involving contact with other people, such as advertising, human resources, business studies, law, management, nursing, social work, medicine, teaching and the police. Psychology AS/A2-level is useful for degrees in biological sciences, humanities, social sciences, nursing, medicine, business studies and management.