Year 11

Y11 home learning is focussed on revision for the summer GCSEs. Students have revision guides and have been able to buy workbooks to use if they wish. We are setting topics to study at home each week to provide a structured revision programme. All students have also been provided with weblinks to an online service called exampro. This contains past paper questions and mark schemes which allow students to practice and develop their exam technique. Click here for year 11 revision

Year 10


Year 10 will be tested on all the year 9 content plus the   following topics. 
Infectious disease
Quantitative chemistry
Chemical changes
Energy changes
Rates of reaction
Particle model of matter
Atomic strcture

Year 9


Year   9
Atomic structure
Energy changes

Year 7 and 8

In Year 7 and Year 8 students have end of topic tests every 6 weeks and are expected to revise using resources provided by their teachers. They will also find lots of useful revision materials on the BBC Bitesize website.  Optional extension homework tasks are also set to allow students to stretch and challenge themselves.