Teaching and Learning

Don Valley learners from Year 7 to Year 13 benefit from many effective lessons characterised by engaging, well-pitched and relevant activities where students are able to progress in their development of knowledge, skills and confidence. Ofsted reported that lessons “often had good pace and high expectations”. Don Valley learners also benefit from ‘robust tracking’, enabling greater rates of progress.

Our Specialism, the Performing Arts, whilst offering excellent provision through Drama and Music also enables an enrichment of our learners’ experience across the curriculum. This has happened through the sharing of innovative and active teaching strategies with departments across the school, and also through the variety of opportunities to visit the theatre and to benefit from visiting theatre companies.

The school places a huge emphasis on the importance of promoting a love of reading and is an example of good practice on the Ofsted website for this. Our learners, of all abilities, benefit from a variety of intervention strategies and enrichment opportunities from guided reading to drama workshops and book review competitions. As Ofsted say “This school focuses determinedly on efforts to improve students’ attitudes to reading in order to enhance their progress…”

Don Valley learners are positive about their lessons and recognise that opportunities to take responsibility for their learning are increasing.

Mrs Henderson

Vice Principal