Inclusion Centre

Don Valley Academy’s ‘Inclusion Provision’ is a combination of alternative provision  and an alternative curriculum depending on the needs of the student and designed to re-engage students with the learning process and, ultimately to ensure they are well prepared for the next stage of their education with qualifications, skills, coping strategies and confidence. Some students will access placements of between 2 and 5 days out of the Academy, others will receive their education in the Inclusion Centre and others will enjoy a combination of placement and Centre. 

The Inclusion Centre Curriculum and Provision

  • Students receive high quality teaching in smaller-than-usual groupings, supported by 2 dedicated teaching assistants and with the opportunity to ‘break out’ into individual working spaces.  Individual needs that may become a barrier to learning and progress are more effectively diagnosed and counselled in this setting. 
  • Students receive a broad, balanced curriculum, which is arranged to secure earlier experience of success with some qualifications taken after a year.  All students study English, Maths and Science along with PSHE, PE and CEIAG.  Full time students in Year 10 complete 3 GCSEs in the year and Year 9 students complete 2 GCSEs within the year through their option subjects.  Year 9 students complete the ASDAN CoPE award.
  • Where necessary for re-engagement, some Year 9 and 10 students enjoy a 1/2 day placement at St Wilfred’s Academy in addition to their time in the DVA Inclusion Centre.
  • Year 10 students are likely to remain in the ‘Inclusion Centre’ throughout Years 10 and 11.  Year 9 students however, will be expected in most cases to get ‘back on track’ and into main Academy lessons in Year 10.     

Inclusion Centre Routines

  • Inclusion Centre day timings are  the same as the main Academy.
  • Students in the Inclusion Centre are expected to register with their form tutor, the Inclusion Centre Manager in the Centre.
  • Expectations of behaviour, punctuality and uniform are also in line with the high expectations of the main Academy.
  • Staff teaching in the Inclusion Centre are guided on the application of the Academy’s behaviour policy in the context of the Centre and the flexibilities of the provision are exploited fully in order to support students to reach their academic and personal potential.
  • The Academy rewards system is used and complemented with a range of other rewards designed to meaningfully celebrate personal and academic progress, and also to recognise the ability to conform to the Academy’s expectations and routines.