Mobile Phones & Jewellery

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are not permitted to be used during the Academy day.  This includes breaktimes and lunchtimes.  Mobiles phones which are visible and/or being used by students will be confiscated and a parent/carer will be required to collect it.  

iPods, MP3 players and earphones are not permitted during the Academy day.


Students are not permitted to wear any jewellery other than a watch during the Academy day. Please note that smartwatches must not be worn during examinations.

Return of Confiscated Items

Mobile Phones these can be collected from the Academy Reception by parents/carers or designated responsible adult that evening or a subsequent day at their convenience.

A student cannot collect their mobile phone for themselves until the end of the day on the last day of a half term. 

Jewellery – items can be collected from the Academy Reception at the end of the day. A detention will be issued to a student who has jewellery confiscated.

Items confiscated by the Academy; such as cigarettes, lighters, alcohol will not be returned and will be disposed of immediately.


Please do not bring expensive items or large sums of money to the Academy. 


Parents/ carers/ students:  please note that we cannot accept any responsibility of any property or valuables that are brought into the Academy.  Any personal possessions, including musical instruments, bicycles, (mobile phones, ipods or jewellery which are not permitted) is not covered by the Academy’s insurance.