Admissions Arrangements

The academy will follow the Admissions arrangements of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, as agreed in the Admissions Annex of the Don Valley Academy's Funding Agreement.

Only Doncaster Council (the LA) is able to decide who is eligible for a place in this academy. Neither the Principal or Sponsors nor their representatives are able to offer a place at the academy

General Statement

In Doncaster each school serves a local community, usually referred to as the ‘catchment area’. These arrangements reflect the philosophy that ‘efficient education’ is particularly fostered by closely associating a secondary school with a group of primary schools.

Admission Number

Every school must have an admission number for each relevant age group, defined in law as ‘an age group which pupils are or will normally be admitted to the school in question’. The admission number for each year group is set with regard to the capacity assessment for the school, taking into account the nature and type of the school buildings and provides an acceptable amount of space for each pupil. Each school year the LA consults with the Governing Body of the school before an admission number is set. The admission number for this academy is 150. In the case of the year of entry, a child may not normally be refused admission to a school on the grounds of prejudice to efficient education or the efficient use of resources unless the number of applications for admission exceeds the admission number or a child is offered a school which is ranked higher on a Common Application Form (CAF) under a Co-ordinated Admission Scheme (CAS).

Expressing A Preference – Year of Entry

Applications for admission to a school’s year of entry should be made in accordance with the relevant CAS.

Closing Date For Receipt of Parental Preferences

The closing dates for receipt of preferences for the year of entry are in accordance with the LA’s CAS.

Eligibility For A Place At A School – Oversubscription Criteria

This section outlines the criteria to be used to decide on eligibility for a place where the number of preferences exceeds the admissions limit. Preferences for each school will be sorted in the order of the criterion outlined below. Each of the remaining criterion are applied in order of priority as tie breakers, with the criterion e) being the final tie breaker.

a) Children in Public Care

b) Catchment Area

Children who are ordinarily resident in the catchment area of Don Valley Academy. A child’s place on that list will be updated in the light of any change of address.

c) Siblings

Children who are living within the same family unit (e.g. stepchildren) who will be attending the requested school (excluding sixth form and nursery) at the point of admission. Where the requested school is an infant or junior school, attendance at a linked infant or junior school will be included.

d) Link Schools

Children attending a school which is a linked pyramid school and who have, on the initial closing date for late applications attended that school continuously for more than one calendar year.

e) Proximity

Children who live nearest to Don Valley Academy measured in a straight line from the point of the front entrance to the pupil’s place of ordinary residence to the entrance nearest to the reception point of the academy. If two or more pupils live equidistant to the academy, the distance each pupil lives by road from the academy will be measured and the place offered to the pupil who lives nearest by this means. In the event of this being equal, places will be decided by Random Allocation.

Measurements will be made using EMS for Windows provided by Capita Education Services and/or ArcView provided by Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc or suitable substitute.

8. Offer of a place at this academy

Decisions will be posted to parents in accordance with the Authority’s CAS

9. Unsuccessful Applications

Any parent whose child is not offered a place at Don Valley Academy has the right to independent appeal

10. Waiting Lists

Pupils will be added to the waiting list of the academy if they were refused a place and the academy was ranked higher on the CAF than the place offered. Places on the waiting list will be strictly prioritised in criteria order given above and will operate until 15 school days from the start of the autumn term.

Places will only be allocated from the waiting list when the number of pupils falls below the admission limit of the academy. While the waiting list is in operation, when a place does become available, it will be allocated to the child at the top of the list on the day that the LA receive written confirmation of the vacancy.

11. In year transfers

Applications for admissions outside of the normal admission round (In Year Transfers) are normally considered each school week. They should be made on the Authority’s In Year Transfer Form. The deadline for applications is Tuesday at 5.00pm.

Where there are sufficient places, an application will normally be agreed unless specific circumstances apply. However, admission may be refused if circumstances have changed since the year group was the year of entry and admission of an additional child would ‘prejudice the provision of education or the efficient use of resources’ i.e. class size prejudice in year 1 or 2.

Where there are insufficient places for the number of applicants, all applicants will be ranked in accordance with the criterion listed above and places awarded accordingly.

Where a place is not available, the application will normally be refused and the applicant will be offered the right of appeal to an independent appeals panel.

If a place is agreed, the Principal will, within two weeks of receiving confirmation from the LA of an offer of a place, determine a start date.

Pupils are normally admitted to the academy at the start of the next new term other than with the prior approval of the Principal or in circumstances beyond the parent’s control, e.g. movement into the Borough.

Pupils are required to start at the academy within two weeks of the start date offered by the Principal and places cannot be held open beyond this period. Applicants must be in a position to take up a place within this stated period.

In the case of a child in public care, an application will be approved, in so far as no year group will be taken more than two above the admission limit, providing the following criteria are met:

  • The child lives within the catchment area of the academy, or
  • The child lives with a family where other children attend the academy, or
  • The academy has particular resources or specialist services that cannot be provided by another school within Doncaster

Prior to the application being agreed, the following will apply:

A meeting convened by the LA LAC team with the academy to determine a package of support prior to the young person’s admission. This may include additional teaching, or additional support from the reintegration officer or EWO for LAC. The Designated Governor for LAC (or their representative) should be invited to attend this meeting. Support from the Learning Mentor service, following the guidance set out in ‘Managing Pupil Mobility’

Repeat applications made for entry to the same year group at the academy will not be considered, unless there has been significant and material change to either the families or the academy’s circumstances since a previous application and this is relevant to the application for admission. Where information was known at the time of the original application or appeal, but parents chose not to use it, this will not be considered as additional information or a change in circumstances.

In accordance with DCSF requirements, where an ‘In Place Fair Access Protocol’ has been adopted by the Council, pupils may be admitted under this protocol outside of the normal admission arrangements noted above.

12. Allocation of Places

If, following the consideration of an application from a Doncaster resident, an application is refused and the pupil does not currently have a place in a Doncaster school a place will be offered at an alternative school.

The alternative school will be the next nearest community school with vacancies, taking into account the Authority’s transport policy.

13. Admission to Sixth Form

The total number of children to be admitted each year will depend upon the published Admission Limit for the sixth form of the academy.

A pupil will only be admitted to the sixth form of the academy provided they meet the sixth form admission criteria of the academy.

Applications for admission to the sixth form, including pupils currently attending the academy must be made in writing direct to the academy.

Any parent whose child is not offered an academy place for which they have expressed a preference has the right to independent appeal.

14. General Information

False Information

Any place offered on the basis of fraudulent or intentionally misleading information will be withdrawn e.g. giving a false address. It is for parents to satisfy the LA of their circumstances as they apply to the admission criteria at the time of application.

Multiple Addresses

Where a child is resident with parents at more than one address, the address used for admissions purposes shall be the place where the child spends the majority of the school week (Monday to Friday) during term time. Where there is a clear 50/50 split, parents should decide.

Further Information

Further, more detailed information about the admission process can be found in the Admission To School booklets, available from the academy or the LA as follows:

Telephone:01302 737204 or 01302 737234
Address:Admissions and Pupil Services, PO Box 266, College Road, Doncaster DN1 3AD