Don Valley Academy’s enrichment programme is now called PACE. This programme would invite students to perform/present something new, view something as an audience member, learn about careers linked to a range of subject and do something new as an experience. We understand how important it is to enable each pupil to engage in a wider society, therefore it is crucial that, we as an academy, provide various opportunities for our students thrive. Hopefully we can encourage students to apply for the Sports Leaders programme, the Arkwright scholarship programme, Duke of Edinburgh and the Arts Award as part of the enrichment on offer that would support them through further and higher education as well as supporting them in with their life chances to be successful and well-rounded individuals.

What is enrichment?

Although formal lessons end at 2.30pm, the Academy Day does not. Students can choose from a wide variety of after-school enrichment activities and clubs, both academic and non-academic. Sessions are typically 2.30 – 3.30pm.

What’s on this year?

What happens if an enrichment has to be cancelled?

Occasionally enrichment sessions may need to be cancelled, such as when there is bad weather or staff illness. Your child will be made aware of this at the first opportunity so they can plan their journey home.