Hair, Jewellery & Makeup


Hairstyles and colour should be sensible. Please check with your child’s Learning Manager before considering any dramatic changes to style and colour. No patterns should be shaved into hairstyles. Hair
accessories should be discreet and in black or blue, no scarves or bandanas (unless for religious regions).


No jewellery is allowed except for a wrist watch. Smart Watches are not permitted. If any student is thinking about having piercings, this should be done at the start of the summer holidays as no student will be allowed to wear any type of piercing whilst in the Academy.


Nail polish is not allowed. False/Acrylic/Gel nails are not permitted.


Any makeup worn by students should be very discreet. Students will be asked to remove makeup if not
discreet. Eyebrows should be natural with no patterns/shavings.


Please note. Students will not be reminded of our uniform policy and will be issued with an SLT detention if it is not adhered to at all times. NB: The final decision with regard to all issues relating to uniform will be made by the Principal.

Any items of clothing, jewellery or hair accessories that do not adhere to the above policy will be confiscated and an SLT detention will be issued. Parents may wish to collect these items at the end of the Academy day.

All students in Years 7-11 are required to wear the Academy uniform. Blazers must be worn, with shirts tucked in at ALL TIMES. Academy jumpers can be worn under their blazer. In classes, Academy blazers can be removed with the approval of the class teacher. On very hot days, the Principal may notify
students that they are allowed to remove their blazers. On such occasions, blazers must be carried and never forced into bags or tied around the waist. Blazers must be worn in corridors and when entering and leaving the Academy grounds at the start and end of the day.