Reading Hub

The Reading Hub is the heartbeat of literacy for Don Valley Academy.  The Reading Hub houses thousands of reading material and texts; from fiction that features classic and contemporary stories, plays, and poetry, to non-fiction texts that cover news and interests along with reference material for all curriculum subjects studied.  There is a dedicated Reading Routes section for students to browse new reading material linked to their chosen route, and the Hub can be explored in a thematic way that encourages students to expand their reading interests.

Alongside the reading material that students have access to, the Reading Hub also contains a variety of spaces for delivery of literacy intervention programmes that support students in increasing their reading ages and being able to access the academy curriculum.  Reading Plus is delivered through a dedicated computer suite, Fresh Start Phonics has an independent teaching space, and there are also smaller bespoke 1-2-1 spaces for students and staff to work together.

The Reading Hub is open daily for students to access new texts, take out reading material, enjoy activities, and socialise with their peers.  The Reading Hub is open before lessons begins, at break and lunch times, and after lessons finish for the day.  The Reading Hub is staffed by a variety of dedicated staff members, all who deliver the intervention programmes and supervise Reading Hub activities and clubs.