WJEC GCSE Performing Arts – Dance.

Single award.

Dance is a growing subject at Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College and has evolved under the support of the school’s Performing Arts Specialism. The subject offers yet another opportunity to ‘show off’ your talents in the Performing Arts and a safe environment in which to grow in confidence as a performer. Is this something that takes your interest? If so, keep reading…

If you pick GCSE Dance then you have the opportunity to study Dance as a subject in its own right and build up your skills which could see you through to studying Dance as part of Performing Arts Level 3 at Post 16.

This GCSE Dance course allows you to gain an understanding of dance through the practical exploration of different styles, exploring key dance repertoires and the study of key practitioners. The course tries to emphasise the unique qualities of Performing Arts and give you an insight into what it is like to work as a performer in the industry.

If you take GCSE Dance as an option you will be given opportunities to perform as Don Valley Dance Company throughout the year and take part in dance technique classes to experience a wide range of dance disciplines. Over the three years you will acquire and develop dance skills and improve your ability to analyse and evaluate features of your own performances and that of your peers. This will include viewing and responding to live and recorded performances throughout the year. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to see professional dance pieces through theatre trips and the opportunity to work with professional dancers!

This course provides you with a balance of practical performing, creative group work and work related research. It provides opportunities for you to demonstrate performing dance. You will complete the single award through the study of Unit 1 and Unit 2 and will be taken over the course of one or two years. Unit 1 focuses on developing your performance skills and knowledge of the Performing Arts Industry and Unit 2 gives you the opportunity to create your very own showcase!

If you have an ability to listen, think and express yourself honestly and clearly, then you need to be a Don Valley Learner of Dance.

Miss Newton

Head of Faculty – Expressive Arts