Dance is a subject at Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College that I would like to grow at KS4 now we have brand new facilities. The subject offers yet another opportunity to ‘show off’ your talents in the Creative Arts and a safe environment in which to grow in confidence as a performer.


Although dance isn't taught as a separate subject in Year 7 and 8 you will have the opportunity to look at some movement skills in Drama and PE. However, if you are interested in developing your skills further then you should join the Dance Club available as part of our enrichment programme in the Creative Arts. There are also opportunities to be involved in dance projects and work with professional dancers throughout the year. This has been an amazing opportunity for students at Don Valley and has had a positive impact on both their skills and confidence in dance. For the past five years Don Valley has taken part in various projects in collaboration with Phoenix Dance Theatre Company. We have had professional artists from Phoenix and Northern School of Contemporary Dance work with our students as well giving them the  opportunity to see live dance by professional artists.


Through studying  GCSE Dance you have the opportunity to study Dance as a subject in its own right and build up your skills which could see you through to studying Dance as part of Performing Arts Level 3 at Post 16. The GCSE Dance course allows you to gain an understanding of dance through the practical exploration of different styles, exploring key dance repertoires and the study of key practitioners. You will also be expected to learn the theory of dance and study key works that have influenced the development of dance through history. You will perform in front of a visiting examiner and there is also a written exam  which will take place at the end of the course.

You may also study dance by choosing the vocational route by taking the Level 2 BTEC Technical Award in Performing Arts.  The course tries to emphasise the unique qualities of Performing Arts and give you an insight into what it is like to work as a performer in the industry.

If you take Dance as an option at KS4 you will be given opportunities to perform as Don Valley Dance Company throughout the year and take part in dance technique classes to experience a wide range of dance disciplines. Over the two years you will acquire and develop dance skills and improve your ability to analyse and evaluate features of your own performances and that of your peers. If you have an ability to listen, think and express yourself honestly and clearly, then you need to be a Don Valley Learner of Dance.


If you would like to continue to develop your dance skills at KS5 then you can study Level 3 BTEC Performing Arts. This course is a vocational route and you will need to be able to combine art forms across music, dance and drama. You will study a range of styles, practitioners and techniques and will be expected to devise original work based on your learning of these. You will recreate key repertoire pieces from Musical Theatre and your progress as a performer will be continually assessed. You will create a final piece of work in year 13 based on brief given by the exam board.

I would really like to build on success that we have had already in Dance and see the subject flourish within the Creative Arts and across the Academy.

Mrs Threapleton

Head of Faculty – Creative Arts