Science at Don Valley Academy uses the study of different themed topics to enable students' practical, questioning, knowledge and independent learning skills. Each year students study around 12 different topics which are assessed through written examinations. The department also offers a KS3 science club and KS4 revision clubs, alongside regular trips and visits.


In KS3 we study a wide variety of topics across Biology, Chemistry and Physics designed to give students a wide breadth of scientific understanding that can be built upon in KS4. Practical skills are delivered alongside content and are used to enhance student understanding of the scientific process.


Our students study AQA GCSE Science trilogy which is a double science qualification so students will earn 2 GCSEs in this subject. Lessons will cover a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics content alongside GCSE required practical activities to develop practical skills.


At Key stage 5 we offer AS and A2 levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We also offer a BTEC National level 3 qualification in Applied Science. Students would have 4 hours a week in lessons with regular homework activities.