Our cohort of Y10 students spent 2 nights away in the Peak District to complete their expedition as part of their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. The aim of the Expedition section is  to inspire young people to develop initiative and a spirit of adventure and discovery by planning, training for and completing an adventurous self-sufficient journey as part of a team.

In preparation for this they had spent enrichment sessions planning their routes, learning how to pitch tents and pack their bags effectively as well as cooking on Trangia’s. This is because expeditions must be unaccompanied and self-sufficient.

Below are their top tips for the expedition:

1. Packing

It’s likely you will be sharing expedition equipment, so work together as a team and arrange who brings what, that way you can (quite literally) share the load. You want to keep your rucksack as light as possible so think about packing travel bottles or sachets of Shampoo and Body Wash.

2. Eat!

Food is important. Make sure you plan your menus in advance with your team and pick food you like and can all agree on, this should also stop you all bringing the same food. You’ll be on the move pretty much all day, so you need to make sure you consume more calories than normal to keep your energy levels up. No one wants to be hangry only a few hours in!

3. Be prepared to get lost

Getting lost on your Expedition can lead to some funny stories. It’s important to remember not to panic and to check your map, maybe there’s something recognisable on the map? Or can you retrace your footsteps?

4. Keep hydrated

You will need to carry enough water on your expedition to see you through the day. It’s recommended that a person drinks approximately two litres a day, and more on a hot day. Drink little and often, don’t wait until you’re thirsty.

5. Have fun!

Stop and take in the views and make memories with your friends. Some of the best stories come from getting stuck in mud or finding out you’ve been walking in a circle for hours!

A big thank you goes out to Mr Ingman for organising this and to all staff who helped to facilitate the expedition being able to go ahead. It was an excellent experience for our students, and we hope there will be many more successful expeditions to come!